2017 Heritage and Cooperative Tour Recap

by Willow Krumwiede, Illinois Farm Bureau Membership and Programs Intern It hasn’t been intentional, but somehow Washington D.C. has become a popular destination for me. Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure I’ve visited D.C. more than Chicago. Of course, I’m not complaining when I say that – I truly think Washington D.C. is an incredible place! […]

ICC Member Spotlight: Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

      The AIEC was organized in 1942 Petersburg, where its first offices were located. Throughout its history, the AIEC has been led by four managers: Manager A.E. Becker: 1942-1960 General Manager Thomas H. Moore: 1961-1994 President/CEO Earl Struck: 1994-2006 President/CEO (and former Illinois State Senator and Representative): N. Duane Noland 2006-Present The AIEC’s […]

Co-op Application Info, Tips, & Tricks

By: Jenny Webb, Illinois Farm Bureau Membership and Program Specialist Local cooperatives are something that farmers and consumers count on in Illinois. In order for FFA members to learn the value of cooperatives and develop an understanding of the cooperative way of doing business, Illinois Farm Bureau and Affiliates created the Cooperative Activities Program. Through […]

Cooperative Principles #1 and #2

Did you know that while there are many different kinds of cooperatives doing business today, they all have something in common? Today’s cooperatives abide by the cooperative principles, a set of seven guidelines set forth in the late 1800s in England. The principles are what set co-ops apart from other business models. Principle 1: Voluntary […]

What is the ICC?

The Illinois Cooperative Council (ICC) serves as a clearinghouse on issues affecting cooperatives in Illinois. Our primary mission is to promote cooperative education, create publicity about cooperatives, foster communication among cooperatives, and develop and disseminate information related to cooperatives in Illinois. The Council is comprised of various organizations that support cooperatives in the state and […]

Welcome to the Illinois Cooperative Council Blog!

Happy New Year and welcome to the new ICC Blog! To help us fulfill our goal of cooperative education, we’ve decided to add this blog to our website. Every two weeks, one of the ICC members will provide a post, either about cooperatives in general, something the Council is doing, or about the cooperative for […]